Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love you Zooey Deschanel

This is super random but i just wanted to share with you all how much i love Zooey Deschanel. I just think she is so naturally beautiful and quirky. Plus she has, hands down, the best touch of cotton commercial i have ever seen!



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why you gotta be so tempting B&LU?

OH my more cute stuff! I found this super cute online store for plus size clothing called b&lu(bandlu.com) about a year back and have quit a bit of their clothing, and love it. I haven't browsed the site in a while and omg they have some really pretty things right now! The quality of their clothing is actually pretty nice and the prices are not to outrageous. I have things that are a year old and are in perfect condition and i still wear them all the time!I would say sizing runs a little small if comparing to Torrid. I order a size up. Check them out girls!

"OH shopping godess of the wold please make these super super cute clothes arrive at my doorstep all wrapped up in a bow.Thank you."


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberty of London+MAC=YUMMY


Hey everyone its been a while since i posted but Ive been so busy with school and trying to find a new job. Its been craaazy! But getting a package in the mail filled with goodies helped! I wanted to share with you the lip products i purchased from the Liberty of London line for MAC. Ill admit, i ordered these products mainly for the super cute packaging design(BAD!)but im sooo happy because i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything so much. I got 4 products from the line, all being lipstick and lipglass. The lipstick colors are EVER HIP, which is a gorgeous light orangey pink, and PETALS AND PEACOCKS, which is a bright fuchsia. The lipglass colors are Perennial High Style, which is a pinky coral, and English Accents, which is a mauvey pink(goes perfect with the lipstick color SNOB). Both lipglasses are perfect on thier own and give just the right amount of color. I also really want the lipstick color BLOOMING LOVELY i just have to find it! Here are some pictures!






You know what i think i need some eyeshadow too:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New NYX eyeshadows!!


Hi everyone! I wanted to do a little review and some swatches of my most recent haul of NYX single eyeshadows. I really love NYX eyeshadows (not too fond of their lip products though,) they are AMAZING quality and have a great pigmentation for a super affordable price. I order mine from cherryculture.com for $3.50 each. I ordered 6 eyeshadows, i love 5 of them and i am disappointed in 1. Colors are HAWAIIAN COFFEE, TRUE TAUPE(BOTH MATTE,) SALMON, CEDER WOOD, TAUPE PEARL(METALLIC/SHIMMERS,) AND BABY PINK (SUPPOSED TO BE MATTE.) I was very disappointed in Baby Pink because i was expecting a matte very light dusty pink, but it is more of a bright fairy pink i would say. Plus it is not a matte, has alot of shimmer and has terrible fall out. But i LOVE LOVE LOVE the other colors. Taupe Pearl is gorgeous!

Colors in order:Hawaiian Coffee, Ceder Wood, Salmon, Taupe Pearl, True Taupe

Top Left to right is Salmon and Ceder Wood. Bottom left to right Taupe Pearl, True Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love the name victorian......


......but i hate the lipstick! I ordered MACs Victorian lipstick from the new spring forecast collection and i really wanted to love it...buuuuut i don't. When i first looked at it in the tube i thought wow this is so pretty, but when i put it on my lips its just not my taste. It just has alot of gold/orange reflex's...very shiny(in a bad way for me.) I feel i look old when i where it! I don't know it just does not do it for me, but each person if different so it might look great on someone else! Anyway that's my little rant for the morning. Let me know if you have that lipstick and if you like it or not, or if you have any tips on how to wear it because i really wanted to love it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Plus size fashion tip #1!


Hey everyone! Plus size fashion tip #1 = high waisted belts. Take a shapless tunic and transform it into a hot little number by adding a belt to hug your shape! I think this look works for almost any woman, whether your curvy, voluptuous, or whatever! You can wear a thin or thick belt at your natural waist or under the bust. I prefer a thick belt with a stretchy band, for extra cinching and added comfort. You can pretty much find a belt like this anywhere, here are some cute belts i found at torrid.com. All around $20.


Monday, February 22, 2010

My review of e.l.f Mineral Lipsticks!!!!

Hey everyone! I received my order of mineral lipsticks from eyeslipsface.com, and i actually really like them! The color in the tube shows up true to color on the lips and they are very moisturizing, pretty long lasting, and glide on smooth. I got natural nymph, runway pink, party pink, and rosy tan. I would have to say my favorite color is runway pink...perfect nude color for me. Natural nymph is VERY nude, my lips disappear...but with a very dark eye it would look amazing! Overall i think these are great lipsticks for the price! I would recommend!





Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V- day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful valentines day!!!! Whether its with your significant other or family,its just a day to celebrate love (and eat chocolate, and get diamonds, hopefully!) Maybe next year i will have a hunkie man to celebrate with, but this year im perfectly happy to have my beautiful little niece as my valentine!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do i need rehab?


Thanks to blogger lollipop26's positive review on the Elf mineral lipsticks i had to give them a try. But nooooooo i couldnt order just 1 to try, i had to order 5! Do i need lipstick rehab?
Colors ordered
-natural nymph
-party pink
-runway pink
-nicely nude
-rosy tan

$5 at eyeslipsface.com

I have a feeling they will all be pretty close in color(except for natural nymph) but Ill let you know what i think when they arrive


Friday, February 12, 2010

Yay, I can be a juicy princess!

OMG I just found out that Juicy Couture came out with a line of plus size velour and terry tracksuits! I am totally going to order a velour set in navy from nordstrom.com.......soon! OMG and they are on sale...yay! Go Juicy!

Available at norstrom.com
Juicy Couture Velour Zip Hoody (Plus)Was: $108.00Now: $53.9050% OFF
Juicy Couture Velour Drawstring Pants (Plus)Was: $98.00Now: $48.9050% OFF

Gotta love torrid!

Torrid.com is having one of there huge 50% off clearence sales. So of course i couldnt help myself, i had to but at least something! I ordered a navy plaid tie waist tunic top and two banded bottom long tanks. The total came to only $38 including shipping! Smile! Torrid i think is one of my fav stores for plus size clothing, everthing seems to fit me perfect. The jeans are very flattering as well, prefect for young ladies, definitly not your grandmas jeans! They really are made to fit a curvy girl, with boobs(me!) So if you love Torrid like i do hurry up and stock up before the sale ends! Or if you have never shopped with them before, its the perfect time to give there clothes a try (they run very true to size)!

Here are some things im loveing at Torrid right now

Black Ivory Lace Bow Cropped Cardigan $38.00(in love!!!!!!)
Grey and Black Striped 2fer Tank Dress $54.00
Black Faux Denim Leggings $26.00
Born Famous Couture Lipstick Bandits Charcoal Peace Hoodie $48.00
Black Ruched-Sleeve Blazer $54.00
Grey Glamorous and on the Rise Tee $28.00

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My craving for the night


Ok so one more post for tonight. Well I must say that Im having a huge craving right now for MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. Lady Gaga + MAC lippie =Love

What are you craving?

There's just somthing about the Peacock

even smaller

So ever since I can remember I have loved Peacocks. The colors of their feathers just make me melt. They are known as "The bird of 100 watchful eyes" I always wonder why im so drawn to anything Peacock...maybe I was a Peacock in another life! Anyways if I were to get a tattoo without a dout it would be of a Peacock(or at least a feather), going from my leg down onto the top of my foot. But im a tad too chicken for that at this point in time... :( So I sport my love of the bird in other ways...like a Peacock feather headband with a juicy green jewel or a pair of statement earrings!

Hello everyone! So I thought I would start out my new blog with something that is my old love but new obsession...PINK LIPS! So for that last month or so ive been on a new shopping rampage for pink lipsticks. I love anything from a bright barbie pink to a soft baby pink, so I would like to share my favs with you guys!

Ok so my #1 pink lipstick would have to be Saint Germain by MAC. It is an amplified cream so the color is intense...but who doesnt want to look like barbie? My other fav pinks from MAC are Angel (add Florabundance tinted lipglass for yummy looking lips) and California Dreamin, which is limited edition, sadface!

My fav lipstick for a baby pink look is NYX in Strawberry Milk. I find that is does tend to dry out the lips and it accentuates any dry skin you might have on your lips but thats where a toothbrush and chapstick come in handy.


I just purchased this lipstick from Rimmel...it is so beautiful...perfect everyday color for me. It is in number 006 Pink Blush. It feels pretty creamy and is very true to color...the color in the tube is the color that goes on your lips

So these are my favorite pink lippies (for now) ;)